Why ‘Pagan’ is now a word to fear in India

The term “Pagan” is now being used by some people to describe Hinduism and its various practices, a new report from The Times Of India claims.

“We need to understand why this word is being used as a pejorative against Hinduism,” the report said.

It cited two examples, saying the word had come into use in a political context.

“A Hindu politician was recently quoted saying that ‘Pagans’ are not true Hindus.

This statement is not true and it was meant to be a joke,” it said.

The word is a reference to “Pagas” being the most revered of Hindu gods, the report noted.

“It is a derogatory term which has a very negative connotation to the Hindu community.

It is a common term in Indian politics,” it added.

The report said the word “Pagi” has been used to describe Hindus in India for more than a century.

It said the term “pagan” was also a peyote reference to the ancient religion.

The Times quoted a person who said that when he used the term in a private conversation, he was told by his family members to use it with “pagi”.

The person also said he was called “Pagin” when speaking to his wife when he visited the US.

“In India, people are often called ‘pagin’, which translates to ‘devil’, ‘evil’, ‘demon’ or ‘brave’ and is sometimes used to refer to Hindu gods,” the Times quoted the person as saying.

The person told the newspaper he used to call his wife “Pani” when he went to visit the US in the 1970s.

The article also said “pagans” are sometimes referred to as “devils”.

The report, titled “Bharatiya Panchayats of India: A History of their Development”, said in India, “bharatiyas” are traditionally thought to have been born of the wrath of God and have a powerful influence on Hinduism.

It also noted that in ancient India, the term was also used to denote a “devil”.

“A great number of Bharatiyases have been associated with evil, so that they can be described as demons or vipers,” the paper quoted a commentator on India’s national radio network as saying in the report.