Why is Africa so popular in the NYT’s New African Books series?

The New York Times has announced it will publish two more books of African-American literature this year.

Tencent, the Chinese-language entertainment company that owns the NYT, will publish the novel by African American writer Renaissance, a book about the rise of the African American community in New York City.

The NYT will also publish two other African-language novels this year, one about a Harlem Renaissance writer named Zora Neale Hurston, and the other about a man who is the nephew of an American war hero.

The latter book is called The Legend of Zora, by the same writer whose book inspired the New York Public Library’s new collection of Zoran Todorovic’s novels.

Zora is based on a real life African-Canadian woman named Zona Mungo.

He was a slave trader who sold slaves to the American Revolutionary War, which led to the founding of the United States.

After the war, Zora moved to New York to study law, eventually becoming a lawyer for the Harlem Renaissance Society.

When the city became a predominantly white, European city, he became a minister in the city’s city council.

In the 1960s, he moved to Harlem to work with the African-Americans who were living there.

His new book about Zora follows the story of the woman who became the leader of the Harlem Revival. 

The Times also announced it is working with Tencent on a new novel, a collection of African American short stories, by poet/poet Laila Saremi.

The book is titled Laila: The Story of a Novelist.

Ten cent will publish both Laila and Laila, as well as a second novel in the series.

The new novel is set in the mid-1950s, just as the country was transitioning from a white-dominated industrial society to a black-majority society.

Sarebi’s novel follows the life of a black woman named Laila in New Orleans.

The novel will be published in 2018, and Tencent will pay a $25,000 advance to the author. 

Tencent also announced that it will release a collection called Tencent Classics, which includes works by African- and Latino-American writers and artists. 

Saremi’s novel, called The Life of an Outsider, will be the third book in the Tencent series of books, after Laila. 

Two new NYT books will also be published this year: a book on African American women in the 1970s called Black Woman: The Hidden History and a book of poetry by a man named John Rabe, called A Black Man Poems. 

New York Times publisher Henry Luce told NPR that the New Africa books are a way to make the NYT a more inclusive place for all people. 

“It’s a way of celebrating African American culture and our culture, the history of African Americans, which we are all a part of, in a way that it’s just an appropriate time to make this effort to make sure that we’re a more welcoming place for African Americans,” Luce said.

The New Africa book series, the anthology series, is a way for us to show how we’re all part of this story and the history that we’ve all contributed to it, and we’re here to support them as well.”