The 50 Greatest Sci-Fi Novels of All Time

IGN is ranking 50 of the best sci-fi novels of all time.

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The following list of 50 titles includes the following genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy.

The list is organized by the author and the title.

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In honor of 50 years of science fiction, we have selected 50 of our favorite sci-fic books from the past 50 years.

This list includes books by authors who were well-known in their respective fields, but also by newer authors who didn’t have the same fanbases.

The author’s name and the name of the book can be found in the author’s bio.

This is an effort to honor the authors of sci-fiction, fantasy, horror, and horror.

We hope that this list will inspire you to read more sci-Fi and science fiction.