How to make a novel, but not by accident

The next time you’re writing a novel about someone else, take a look at the following: 1.

Know your audience.

What are the people you’re going to be writing about?

Do they like to read?

Do their friends read books?


Understand the genres.

How would they read the stories?

How long would they be reading them?


Understand how to make it interesting.

Is it about love, war, or revenge?

Is it a good read?


Make sure you’re aware of the writing style.

Do the plot lines get in the way of the characters?

Is the writing clear?

Are there any plot twists?


Make an effort to keep the characters likable.

Do they make you laugh?

Do you find them funny?


Have a clear sense of who your characters are.

Is your character a hero or a villain?

Is there a love triangle?

Is your protagonist a victim or a predator?

Is he or she selfish?

Is they a hero/villain/bad guy?

Is their romance interesting?


Think of how the plot will go.

How many pages do they need to go before the reader knows what happens?


Try to write something that’s not cliché.

Do your characters have personalities?

Are they selfish?

Are their actions justified?


Think about how to get your characters’ reactions.

Is this going to make the story compelling?


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