Seahawks ‘shouldn’t be talking about’ Kaepernick as they look for new starting QB in 2019

The Seahawks need to find a new starting quarterback in 2019, and that doesn’t seem like the kind of thing the organization is talking about.

The Seahawks aren’t talking about any potential quarterback other than Russell Wilson, who is expected to be released this offseason.

There are rumors that the Seahawks have traded up in the draft to draft an offensive tackle with the 14th pick, but the team hasn’t confirmed that and there have been no official reports of any movement on that front.

The team’s general manager said this week that he didn’t want to talk about the team’s quarterback situation at this point, but that he would be open to the idea of a trade if the right offer came along.

If the Seahawks really want to rebuild around Wilson, they’ll have to do something other than keep him in Seattle, and there are some legitimate questions as to how that will happen.

Seattle doesn’t have any proven options on the roster right now, and if they want to go a different direction, they might have to trade Wilson to a team willing to take on his $17.5 million cap hit, which would be the highest among starting quarterbacks.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but it’s not the kind a team like the Jets would be willing to part with.

With the Seahawks already looking to move up to draft a quarterback, the team will likely be looking for a veteran quarterback to start next season, so the Seahawks might be looking to add a player who is more than a year away from being a top-tier starter.

If that sounds like a viable option, the Seahawks should be willing at some point to part ways with Wilson, but at this time, the organization isn’t talking.