Author says ‘American’ is a dirty word in Spanish language

Spanish language authors are using “American” to mean something dirty and degrading, a former Spanish language professor said Tuesday.

“If it means a person who is dirty, it means that person is not worthy of love and that’s not something to be proud of,” said Ana Fernández, author of the 2015 book “Tenderness of the American.”

“I think we have a word that should not be used, and I think that’s what American means.”

The book is about the struggles of people in America trying to escape the American dream.

Fernárdez was speaking at a conference on “The Unwinding of American Civilization” in Washington, D.C.

The book, which includes essays by several authors including Gabriel García Márquez, is one of a series of essays written by Fernárdez, who lives in Madrid.

The collection was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2017.

The word “American,” which Fernárnés said is a noun, is “a term for a person that is of American origin, of European origin, or of African descent,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

“A person who was born in America is an American.”

A “American-derived” noun is a person of American descent.

That term has been used to refer to a person from the Midwest who is not of European descent.

Ana Fernánda Fernánguez, a Spanish language author who wrote “Tendency to Use American,” speaks at a book signing in Washington.

The American dream is a “social construct,” Fernánés said.

She cited the words “fascism,” “anti-Semitism,” “white supremacy” and “homosexuality” as examples.

The term “Americanism” refers to the belief that America is superior and that everyone else is inferior.

The term “Americans” is also used to describe people who live in the United States.

The Spanish word for “American”-American is “tenderness,” Fernánez said.

That word is derived from a Spanish word that means “pain.”

“Tending to be tender is an expression of being painful,” she said.

The French term “cri d’un monde” (“crispness in the heart”) is a phrase used in English to describe the feeling of tenderness.

That expression is also a reference to the feeling in the American heart.

Fernánés said the word “american” is being used by the people who want to live a better life in the country.

“I believe that a lot of the people are tired of the Americans who live abroad,” Fernas said.

“They want to stay in the US, because they are tired.”