How to read ‘The Simpsons’ jokes as an absurdist

Did you know that The Simpsons’ Homer Simpson is a literal absurdist?

In his classic book, A Long Walk to Freedom, writer George Orwell noted that “there are two sorts of people in society,” those who are “ignorant, and those who know.”

The latter are the people who think that anything that is not absurd is actually true.

So, if you want to be an absurdists, it’s best to understand both sides of the coin.

That’s why this infographic by The Simpsons writer Jeff Simpson is important.

It shows that even if the character of Homer Simpson gets his hair cut, he is still a character that is absurdist.

In a hilarious moment, the Simpsons’ Bart Simpson says, “It’s a sign of weakness.”

It is not clear whether he is saying that it’s not necessary for Homer Simpson to cut his hair, or that he’s just not smart enough.