How to write your own novel setting

In his latest book, The Art of Writing Fiction, author Mark Z. Danielewski outlines a series of steps to get started writing a novel setting.

It’s a concept that many people are keen to explore, and the best way to do that is by starting with a story.

The key to creating a good setting, he says, is to understand its history.

In a nutshell, it has to have a past.

“In my book, I write about the history of our world, how the world became what it is, and how our past has shaped the world we live in,” Daniellski said.

Danieleawski said the most important thing in setting a novel is that you don’t have to spend hours thinking about the setting.

Instead, he recommends you get started with a short outline.

He said this helps you create a “basic story structure”.

It also helps you establish a theme, or plot, to get the story rolling.

You can then tweak the outline to your own needs, and add elements from your world into the story.

“I’m a big believer that you can go from a story to a setting by going back and forth,” he said.

“You can make it all about the environment, the people, the places.

It doesn’t have have to be about the main character, but you can put in the elements from the world, and if you can add those elements, you can have a really good story.”

Read more about fiction, worldbuilding, setting, writing Danieleski said setting had many benefits.

It creates a sense of place and time.

It gives you the freedom to play around with the settings.

It helps you understand your story, and you don”t have to rely on a single author to tell you how it should go.”

When you have a world that you know, you have an idea of what it means, what it looks like,” he explained.

When you know what you”re doing, you know where you”ve come from.

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