When the Liberals win the election, you’ll know they’re not just Liberals, they’re the New Democrats

The Liberals are the party of science, of science and of the future.

They’re the party that believes in the value of the natural world and that it should be treated with the respect it deserves.

They are the one party that cares about the future of Canada.

They believe that science is the key to making a better world for future generations.

When the New Democratic Party wins power, the Liberals will know it.

The New Democrats, the party with a reputation for doing nothing to advance scientific research and that has the dubious honour of having no science minister, will also know that they are the New Liberals.

If the Liberals are to continue to have a meaningful role in science, the New Dems will have to work to ensure that this is a reality.

Liberal science ministers The Liberal government has been dogged by a series of scandals in recent years, with science minister Judy Foote recently resigning over the improper use of government funds to support a travel program for a visiting scientist.

It is also facing a raft of claims from scientists, with the latest scandal coming this week, with a group of scientists alleging that they were misled by a federal science adviser and misled by the federal government about the health risks of lead exposure in children.

In the wake of the latest scandals, some in the science community have called for the federal Liberals to be stripped of their post, arguing that their scientific leadership is lacking.

But, as scientists and researchers across the country continue to make the case for why the Liberals have failed to lead on climate change and other critical issues, there is a growing consensus that the Liberals should at least be stripped from the post.

The Liberals, the federal Conservatives and the New Democrat Party have all come under fire in recent weeks for their lack of leadership on climate and other climate-related issues.

The science community in particular has been the target of criticism from the party and government in recent months.

As the election approaches, this is the first time that the science minister has faced questions from the press over the allegations.

What does the science ministry do?

The Liberal science minister is Judy Footea, who was appointed in November.

Foote is a former Canadian Research Chair in Environmental Policy at the University of Toronto and the former chair of the Canadian Centre for Climate and the Environment.

In her role as science minister she has been a critic of the federal Conservative government’s climate change policies and has advocated for greater scientific collaboration between scientists and the public.

The former Conservative government did away with the Canada Climate Change Action Plan in 2016, and announced in 2017 that it would withdraw from the Montreal Protocol on climate science, and would introduce a new climate-change law called the Climate Change Act.

The Climate Change Authority, a joint agency between the federal and provincial governments, has taken on a number of climate-based scientific advisory positions, including climate change, and it is responsible for developing climate policy, as well as conducting the country’s scientific assessment of the risks and consequences of climate change.

It was created by the Trudeau government in 2013 and was made up of seven different federal departments and agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Minister of Natural Resources, the Prime Minster’s Office and the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

The federal government has also taken a number steps to address climate change in recent decades, including setting a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2030, setting the national goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and setting an emissions trading scheme.

Footea is a strong supporter of climate action, which is the focus of her recent ministerial appointment.

In 2016, she introduced legislation to the House of Commons that would establish a new Climate Action Authority within the Prime Ministers Office to oversee and coordinate the implementation of climate policy and policy advice, and to ensure the effectiveness of all the climate policy actions in the government’s portfolio.

In 2017, she signed a memorandum of understanding with the Canadian Academy of Sciences on climate policy.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Canada confirmed to The Globe and Mail that the Liberal government was indeed seeking the position of science minister.

However, Foote has said that she intends to pursue other roles as the Liberals attempt to return to the political centre.

Does she have science experience?

In 2015, she became the first science minister in the Harper government to serve as an adviser to the minister of public works.

Footes experience with science was not limited to that role, however.

She also served as a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on the Environment and the Economy, and was the first member of her party to hold a senior leadership position in the federal cabinet.

She has also been a member and a director of the Ontario Society for Science and Technology, the country s premier science advisory organization.

A former scientist in the Liberal party, Footes was also a senior member of an advisory panel that was appointed by the former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper to investigate the federal Government s failure to respond adequately to the coronav