How to Read Feminist Literature and How to Use it to Win the Culture War

I am a feminist and I am sick and tired of the culture wars, I am tired of being called a ‘white trash’ and a ‘whore’, I am fed up of seeing women of colour being made to feel like they have to be ashamed of who they are.

I am weary of the fact that I am being judged and judged by men.

I feel like I have been told I am not worth my weight in ‘feminist’ books, because I have a beard.

I know that I have ‘earned’ a lot of the accolades I am receiving.

The media have taken it as a badge of honour to label me a ‘bitch’ and I have to explain that I do not think that I can be called that and I do think that this is not fair to the women who have been called that.

I have worked so hard to be treated like a human being, and the media have used that as a way to degrade me, and I don’t know if I have ever felt more degraded by it.

I will tell you that I will never accept that I could be considered ‘a bitch’.

I do believe that all women are entitled to equal rights and I will continue to work tirelessly to bring this to the world, but that does not mean that I don, or anyone else, should be treated differently.

I just want to be able to be recognised and acknowledged for who I am, and that is what I will always stand for.