Boreal split type air-conditioner remote control symbols

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FAQ Boreal split type air-conditioner remote control symbols

What do the symbols on air conditioner remotes mean?

We’ve rounded a few of the common air conditioner modes symbols used by major AC companies in the Singapore market. Universal On/Off Button – the primary one is pretty very easy. It’d look like a round with a slit in it, and it is a symbol for on/Off. You probably have this on your television remote also.

What does the Snowflake symbol on the air conditioner remote mean?

In almost every air conditioner remote will have something like that resembles a snowflake that activates the cold features. Aircon snowflake symbol indicates the air conditioner will push out cool air. It is air con symbols for heat.

What are the symbols used in reverse cycle air conditioning?

Some people also call this symbol as reverse cycle air conditioning symbols Fan Symbol – the pace at which the air conditioning unit’s fab blows is normally indicated by a stack of bars or a row, the more bars, the faster the speed of the fan.

What should I never do with my air conditioner remote control?

Never mix different types of batteries, or old and new batteries for the remote control. Do not let the air conditioner run for a long time when humidity is very high or when a door or a window has been left open. Stop using the remote control if there is a fluid leak in the battery.

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