How can I access my Swann DVR without a remote control?

Access the MENU > Configuration. Proceed to NETWORK > DDNS. From there, fill up the information needed. Enable DDNS: checked; DDNS Type: <choose your domain> NOTE: If you don’t have a DDNS account yet, you can create your own from any hostname or DDNS website like Server Address: <the server of your domain>

FAQ How can I access my Swann DVR without a remote control?

How do I connect my Swann DVR to my computer?

If the computer you are using is on the same network where the Swann DVR is, you can click on Add Online Device and you should see a similar window below. (Note: If the computer is not on the same network, refer to the next section of this article) Select the DVR by clicking it then Add Selected Device.

Why can’t I view my DVR remotely?

Not all DVRs have the ability to be viewed remotely. Some DVRs are just for recording and will not have the features that allow for you to connect to them through the internet. Make sure the DVR you have is capable of doing so by contacting the manufacturer or checking the manual that came with it.

Should I connect my security camera DVR to my Network?

First, here are some of the benefits of connecting your DVR to your network. Being able to watch your security cameras while you are away from the location is one of the most important features of current DVRs.

How do I connect to my DVR through Internet Explorer?

Connect to Your DVR Internally Using Internet Explorer. You should now be able to connect to your DVR internally within your network. This is a bit different from connecting to it externally. You will use the Static Internal IP Address and Port number that you configured on your DVR in order to do this.

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