How to program the awning CANVA remote control?

Features such as app control, remote access, timed events, on-screen set-up wizard, flexible, compatible, optimized for iPad. Somfy technology . For more details, we referred to this article: “When talking to customers about RTS-controlled shade solutions, tell them about Somfy’s new mobile app, myLink. The app allows the homeowner to easily operate RTS …

FAQ How to program the awning CANVA remote control?

How can I control my awning?

Control your awning as well as your patio’s lighting and heating via your smartphone or a single remote control! Take full advantage of your terrace in winter as well as summer thanks to the lighting and heating systems offered by Somfy. Become the Master of Your Patio With Somfy’s TaHoma!

Can you close a retractable awning in strong winds?

Allow the awning to dry completely before retracting or closing it. Because retractable awnings are designed to be closed if needed, they cannot withstand anything more than the lightest breezes. It is essential to retract your awnings in strong winds .

What should you not do with an awning?

DO NOT leave the awning extended when you are not home, as strong winds may damage your awning. DO NOT hang plants or small children off the front bar; heavy items may cause the awning to collapse and break. DO retract the unit when not in use, or if severe weather is predicted.

How do you get rid of mold on awnings?

The combination of water and heat that awnings are exposed to can create fertile ground for mold growth. At the first sign of mold growth, removal of mold on awnings can be accomplished by spraying your awning completely with a hose and then applying a mildew remover.

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