Need a remote control for my fireplace model GW 2088

To get the replacement battery holder clip, you will need to replace the remote to your fireplace. We have the Replacement Remote for Greystone Electric Fireplace # 277-000405 which is what you need. expert reply by: Jason S.

FAQ Need a remote control for my fireplace model GW 2088

How to lock the remote control of the electric fireplace?

Children lock -Touch [UP] and [DOWN] buttons on the control panel at the same time for more than 2 seconds, the electric fireplace will be locked, preventing misuse by children and interference by other remote controls of other home devices. Also, the remote control function of this electric fireplace will also be locked.

How do you install an electric fireplace on a mantel?

Specification Insert the electric fireplace insert into the wooden fireplace cabinet/mantel from the back. The electric fireplace insert should be attached to the cabinet/mantel with the screws included in the hardware kit using a screwdriver (not provided) as shown in the figure below.

How do you fix an electric fireplace that won’t turn off?

Plug the unit into another outlet or install a dedicated 15-amp circuit. The unit turns off by itself. Replace the remote control. The logs, ember beds or flames are glowing, but very dimly. Check the wiring for loose connections and replace if necessary.

What are the symptoms of an electric fireplace not working?

There is excessive noise coming out of the heater. The heater is either dirty or defective. Ensure the intake louvers and log cavity are free from dirt and dust. Other problems with your electric fireplace not working that you don’t see listed here, like a funny smell coming from your electric fireplace ?

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