Remote access to records of marriage license

Because Maine is a closed-record state, it restricts access to marriage records. To access a marriage record, a requester must show evidence that they are eligible or authorized to do so. The following are the people allowed by law to view a Maine marriage record: The persons named on the record; Their domestic partners or current spouses; Parents of the parties …

FAQ Remote access to records of marriage license

How do I obtain a marriage license remotely?

To obtain a marriage license remotely, you will need the following: If you are coming from out-of-state, please contact the Recording office for options. Once the application process and online appointment is completed, your application and marriage license will be mailed to you. Please allow for plenty for USPS delivery.

What are official marriage records?

Official Marriage Records provide information about whether a marriage is legally valid, the names of both parties to the marriage, and when the wedding took place. Marriage Records are required for certain legal processes, including name changes or applying for spousal benefits. Find Marriage Records, including:

How do I apply for a marriage license in Virginia?

The Marriage License Application process has been automated in the Clerk’s Office. Application forms are available on the Public Access Terminals in our Customer Waiting Area or through the Marriage License Pre-Application Process. Marriage licenses are issued by the Clerk of Circuit Court in each city and county in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What do I need to apply for an online marriage license?

Applicants must have a computer, smartphone, or tablet, along with internet access to complete the Online Marriage License Pre-Application. Upon submission of the Pre-Application, the couple receives a confirmation document by email.

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